Friday, 28 June 2013

Crochet bunting, summer scents and froglets..

Friday 28th June 2013

I am in a bunting frame of mind! Yes,I know I said never again after the grannie square blanket saga but there's something about summer that cries out for a happy line of prettiness stringing across my walls!! I thought it would be tricky making triangles but it's not much different from the traditional square shape..will it still be summer though by the time I have enough triangles to hang up?? (Maybe ready in time for next summer,ha!)

Ah yes, summer...I feel so lucky to have a garden full of flowers at the might be a messy untidy garden but the scent of roses and the soft pretty colours of the flowers make up for it ten times over.Here are some of my lovely Gertrude Jekyll roses..such a lovely pink and a sweet scent..

After the "orgy in the pond" a month or two back the pond is teeming with life..hundreds of these little can see a definite frog shape forming now and the tadpole tails will soon shrink away and I will be finding tiny tiny frogs hopping around my vegetable patch..they are so cute but look so vulnerable.I wonder what percentage actually make it to adult-froghood.

What could be nicer than a lovely summer salad, eaten outdoors with birds singing and bees humming. I made my favourite sort-of-Greek salad of grilled "squeaky cheese" (halloumi) , basil, tomatoes, peppers, olives and spring onions..blueberries on the side..why can't all days be like this!

Here's my little hidey-hole...a seat under my laurel archway..pretty showerproof too and a place to shelter from the sun and have a quiet read or just a thinking place.The pots of flowers are usually teeming with bees which is so calming..listening to their soft droning and watching their busy gentle work amongst the flowers.

Can you bear any more flowers? I think there's a definite purple theme going on in my garden..every other flower seems to be lilac or lavender-coloured...

Big excitement here at the moment..I have booked trains and hotel for my annual trip to London next daughter and I will be going to see the B.P.Portrait Exhibition and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition as we do every year...for me they are un-missable. I never seem to feel the need to get away for a traditional holiday as the beaches here on Anglesey are the best in the country and I can't take the heat of a foreign holiday but a cultural break is just what I long for.. I can't wait!! I'm especially looking forward to seeing the portraits as they are always very inspiring. My daughter wants us to have a look round Chinatown which will be a novelty...think she has her eye on one of those waving cats!!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Bluebell gorgeousness...

Friday 7th June 2013
There's a very special place, along the back road behind my village, through a field, down a steep slope to where a river tumbles and bubbles down down down to meet the Menai Straits..accessible only by steep rickety steps. A magical place. It's worth the trouble getting down there because the scene that greets you right now takes your breath away ..the loveliest sight of millions of native Spanish invaders here!!

The bluebells are always quite late here in this little valley but this year more so than ever...a lilac-coloured mist...

This is my daughter posing on a fallen tree, ha! She loves this place as much as I do and I've been bringing her here since she was a tiny girl.

Luckily it's been very dry as these steps can be a bit scary and slippy when it gets muddy.Oh, and did I mention the scent...subtle ,sweet, intoxicating..

Down to the river Cadnant..the water's really low..

It's so peaceful idyllic place to live, if inaccessible, yet somebody did once live down here by the river..I often wonder what their lives were like in this secret place..

Look! Remnants of a being reclaimed by nature..

How amazing to live yards from the river and hear it rushing by in all its moods. Maybe dark and damp in the depths of winter. I found remnants of old gooseberry bushes here..wish I knew more about the people and their lives here. Ooh, look, wild garlic growing on the river bank...

Hawthorn is blossoming right now. I knew that it's folk name is "bread and cheese" so I chewed a leaf to see for myself...nope! Tasted horrible and nothing cheesy as far as I could tell! Very pretty though... are all the wild flowers at the moment..May and June are the best months  for wild frothy flowers and  none better than the sumptuous cow parsley..makes me think of maypole dancers and bridal bouquets..aaah.

Hooray, it's Friday evening, we are promised sun for the weekend ..hope your weekend is a good one.  xx