Thursday, 14 November 2013

Cakes, chutney, Chester..and braving stormy weather in pursuit of textile art!

14th November 2013

So, we went to "scout out" the cake shop with the fabulous chocolate shoes..turns out it was a shop for very special occasions such as weddings and big birthdays. All the cakes, as you can see, were works of art but the prices were also stunning...average price £550!! I can't possibly approve of such indulgence apart from the fact that it is providing employment for some very creative people and well, if you're the sort of people who want a fantasy wedding then they will definitely be able to sort you out a cake! 


I drove through "hell and high water" (i.e. gales, torrential rain and lightning) to Rhos On Sea a few miles up the coast,such is my devotion to textile arts, ha, to see a special exhibition by North Wales Embroiderers' Guild. There was all sorts of embroidery,felting,etc.,both traditional and free-style..all of it a very good standard. Sadly my camera was playing up so I only managed a few pics..

I watched a demonstration on a felting machine..I have fancied having one of these for a couple of years but they are quite expensive. Hopefully one day someone will bring out felting attachments for normal sewing machines. I do sometimes do a little bit of hand-felting...and drawn blood for my pains...but a machine opens up a lot more possibilities, albeit working on the flat (whereas hand-felting can produce 3-D work too).

                                                   Other types of work on display...

When the big storm was forecast the other week I spent an hour knocking apples off my Bramley trees before any gales might send them flying like missiles onto my greenhouse glass.(As it happened the winds in north Wales weren't so bad.) There were windfalls too to use up, some bruised and with the odd peck from hungry blackbirds, so there was an urgency to use up these damaged apples. There are only so many apple cakes and puddings you feel like eating in quick succession so I decided to make chutney. It took hours to produce the chutney, all that peeling...but it will be so lovely to eat at Christmas.

                                            It felt like I was peeling apples for hours!

                                           This jam funnel from Lakeland is SO useful..


Spooky thing was I guessed the exact number of jars needed, down to the last spoonful! Another one of my pointless skills, like being able to throw a screwed-up ball of paper into the rubbish bin from across the living room...why can't I be good at something useful like writing a bestseller?!

I managed to fit in a trip to Chester last week before the Christmas shoppers start to make it unbearably crowded.It's such a lovely place.. 

                         ...and so full of temptation. LOVED these beautiful food-mixers...

                                                Also loved these mugs...MOOMINS!

                                          Lovely rainbow to end a lovely day. Ciao .xx