Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas tree, my cards,local craft fair and er...belly dancing!

28th December 2013.

So, how was it for you?? All that preparation: planning, gift-buying and wrapping, travelling, cooking, ... well, it was a strange one for me this year as we had a death in the family the week before which made a huge difference but I won't go into that here. Above you can see some of the crochet snowflakes I've been busy making. Below is my tree. I was relieved to find my salt dough decorations had survived another year in a box in the garage..they hadn't gone mouldy or got chewed by mice thank goodness.The peg doll fairy with paper doilie dress was fine too, phew...

I always make my own cards. This year I decided to go with a silver theme.. a slightly stylised dove of peace. I applied the silver effects in three ways : I stamped a simple crackly background using a silver stamp pad, then I embossed and tore some paper in a rough square shape to put on top; finally I used flitter glue and foil flakes to make the dove symbol.. not too shabby I hope and each one came out a little bit different, which I like... 

It was my birthday recently, which tied in with a Christmas craft fair at Plas Newydd, our local stately home. it was a lovely sunny day and we made the most of the sunshine by having a walk round the grounds daughter even spotted a red squirrel but I wasn't quick enough to photograph it sadly.

There was a good mixture of local crafts and food specialists dotted around the house.. a lovely setting in a special house.

One of my daughters dragged me along to watch a belly-dancing show in Llanfairfechan. I'm not a great fan but it was interesting. The best part was seeing a group of women enjoying themselves and you could see it was actually quite hard work and good exercise. The most interesting thing for me however was the costumes... 

This woman is actually in her seventies. She was full of energy..possible proof of how good the dancing is for you??

Well, after such terrible storms this week..winds of 109 mph here in North Wales.. I can only wish you all a peaceful, quiet and dry weekend. xx