Sunday, 24 August 2014

August 2014

Summer fair craft table and other doings... 

So, after spending all my spare time making stuff for my stall for the past couple of months the day dawned at last and my daughter and I trooped off to a local summer fair held here on Anglesey at a working farm for adults with learning difficulties. It was another hot day and I did boil a bit but it was good fun and in a beautiful rural setting... 

Some closer views of stuff I was selling...felt bunnies, voile brooches, cards, cards and more cards....

The stall next to me was full of interesting things like essential oils and crystals. I tried all the crystal pendulums and only one rose quartz pendulum worked for me..I couldn't not buy it of course after it swung wildly round and round above my hand! Not sure if it's a guardian angel swinging (for "no") or rotating (for "yes") the pendulum or my subconscious making it move but it's interesting..something I must read up about before taking seriously.

A few yards from my stall there was a very needy sheep which kept us entertained. It must have been hand-reared as it shrieked loudly demanding the attention of any passer-by. Its lamb looked distinctly bored by its hyper parent..I guess it was used to it!


It's been a good summer for tomatoes...they love all that heat we've had. I've been growing seven different varieties.I always like to try one or two new ones. My two must-grow favourites for flavour are "Sungold" and "Black Cherry". This one didn't grow quite as regular in shape as "Will Gardner"..named after a similarly-endowed character in The Good Wife ;-)

Too tired to write more now. Leaving you with a lovely patch of wildflowers outside our local university..aren't they gorgeous?!